In the field of industrial, commercial and institutional construction, Leads provides the one stop solutions to all kinds of projects ranging from small office renovation to a complete design & build services. Our corporate culture is to serve our clients in quick and cost-efficient manner with highest quality construction work. Our diversified type of experience has allowed us to successfully complete a large number of innovative projects for several industries such as chemical plants, automobile industries, warehouses & logistics industry, food processing facilities, residential buildings, infrastructures, pharma storages, aviation projects, retail industry, Oil & Gas, Water and marine & power generation industry.

Design & Build (Engineering, Procurement, Construction & Commissioning)

Leads serves its clients to build their facility on complete design & build basis. Clients select a design-build arrangement when they want to work with one contract entity, instead of several contractors and consultants through one point of contact. Leads competent & experienced project team is brought together during the design & engineering stage to provide the clients with cost effective and quality facility with reduced schedule. Our scope covers the complete civil, architectural, structural steel, mechanical, electrical, instrumentation, plumbing & drainage & external works including receiving of approval from authorities to complete the project. Furthermore, we have integrated team of professionals for approvals such as Environmental Impact Study, Risk Assessment, HAZOP (Hazard and Operability Analysis).

Turnkey Contractor (General Contractor)

Leads takes the complete responsibility to execute the project on turnkey basis. Project design & specifications are developed by the client’s architect, subsequently issued to the Contractor through a sole source of competitive bid process. It helps the clients to use own resources, reduced risk, and can have greater project control when a longer schedule is required. Leads provides competitive price after design & before construction begins and generally assumes the risk of cost overruns based on the defined budget and scope parameters.


The LEADS INTERNATIONAL provides all complex of services in the field of industrial and civil construction, including all types of construction installation works:

1. Structural works

  • performing turnkey contractor functions (turnkey contract);
  • performing construction manager functions;
  • construction of buildings and structures;
  • site engineering;
  • site preparation;
  • mason’s work;
  • installation of concrete and reinforced concrete constructions;
  • installation of wooden constructions;
  • installation of other constructions;
  • insulating work;
  • roofing works.

1.1 Installation of external and internal utility services

  • laying of electrical supply networks;
  • installation of supports for electric lines, lines of industrial.
  • installation of electric lighting;
  • installation of burglar alarms and video surveillance systems.

2. Earthwork

The Leads International has all the required machinery to promptly perform any volume of earthwork. Leads provides services of excavation, refilling of trenches and inert materials supply. Our construction equipment fleet consists of modern equipment of foreign manufacture that enables us to perform earthwork more efficiently for a lower cost.

2.1 Our company performs the following earthwork:-

  • excavating of all types of earth;- excavation;
  • earth compaction and stabilization;
  • zone cleaning and drainage;
  • oversite excavation;
  • pile work (installation of pile fields and piled foundations);
  • installation of storm sewer systems;- concrete work;
  • floor construction;
  • urban landscaping: asphalt passages, lawn construction.

3. Road construction

  • earthwork performance;
  • sand and crushed stone foundations works;
  • layout of asphalt coat;
  • patching and overhaul repair;
  • road repair.

3.1 Installation of manufacturing equipment

  • installation of manufacturing equipment and pipelines.
  • electric plant installation.
  • installation of devices, automated equipment, hardware and software.
  • commissioning works.

3.2 Structural steel erection

  • construction of rapidly erected buildings and structures of light-gauge construction.
  • installation of metal frames of residence, communal, industrial and agricultural buildings and structures.
  • installation of enclosing metal structures;- erection of sandwich-panels.
  • installation of overhead road steel structures.
  • installation of metal constructions of energy complexes.
  • installation of mobile phone, radio-relay and light towers.
  • construction of rapidly erected metal hangars.
  • installation of irregular metal structures.

3.3 Facade installation

  • installation of facade aluminum constructions;
  • structural glazing;
  • installation of translucent constructions;
  • installation of entry elements;
  • installation of internal partitions;
  • installation of prestressed glass constructions;
  • complex architectural facade concepts(combination of translucent
  • constructions and diverse facade systems: from ceramic granite to composite panels).

3.4 Installation of ventilation and air condition systems

  • delivery, installation, maintenance and warranty service of ventilation equipment, heating systems and air condition systems.
  • design and installation of air tubes.
  • delivery, installation, maintenance and warranty service of microclimate equipment.

3.5 In-situ concrete works

The Leads International performs all types of in-situ concrete works from layout of monolithic foundations to erection of office buildings, trade centres, houses, garages etc.

  • In situ concrete construction has plenty of advantages:
  • buildings are erected quickly and cost-effectively;
  • jointless constructions;
  • in-situ concrete buildings are durable – their service life is up to 200 years;
  • in-situ concrete buildings are lighter than brick buildings by 15 to 20%;
  • use of certain types of forms, such as offsite construction, makes it
  • possible to avoid interior finishing owing to high quality of walls;
  • in-situ concrete buildings are earthquake-proof and can withstand an earthquake of up to 8 points.

3.6 Foundation and pile work

  • The Leads International performs all types of foundation works: layout of girder foundation, post footing, combined footing and pile foundation. We are ready to design a foundation project and to calculate cost of foundation construction for you.

3.7 Interior finishing

  • The Leads International performs all types of finishing work.

3.8 Other construction installation works

  • The Leads International offers a complete range of unique and standard works. To carry out any erection operation, the company has the required SRO permits, licenses and certificates.